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4 Air Conditioning myths that are costing you money

Today on the internet there is a ton of random information and so called “helpful” tips being communicated about Air Conditioning systems and how you can save money on your monthly energy bill. It’s important to remember that not everything you read is factual, and some of the tips you see are myths. Whether you are trying to improve efficiency with an existing A/C unit, or you are considering purchasing a new A/C system, understanding fact from fiction will help you ultimately save money on your electric bills & increase your AC system’s performance. Today’s blog highlights 4 common air conditioning myths that are costing you money each month. Let’s get to it.

Air filters do not need to be regularly replaced

Simply put, air filters must be replaced on a regular basis. The AC filter’s main responsibility is to protect your AC unit from harmful things in the air. If you don’t replace your filter consistently, you can accumulate build up on blower fans & ductwork throughout the living space. That build up causes more stress on your system causing your system to run slower & generate more power. Replacing your filter can save you up to 15% per month on utilities if you change it every 4-5 weeks.

Turning your Air Conditioner completely off, when you’re not home, saves money

At first thought, turning your AC unit off while you’re away from your home may seem like a brilliant idea to save money on your energy bill. After all, almost half of your monthly energy bill is attributed to your A/C system. Crazy, right? However, studies have shown that this can actually cause more issues than it solves, and could result in you spending more electricity on your home in the long run. In the Florida heat, turning your A/C unit off during the warmer months can cause temperatures to reach the 90’s. The amount of energy required for your AC unit to cool the living space is significantly higher than if it was just left on. Our recommendation is to simply turn the unit up 7-10 degrees while you’re away instead of shutting down completely.

Closing air vents in rooms saves money

Closing air vents in your home will not save you money. This actually puts a ton of extra stress on your AC ducts. Remember, your AC system is not working less hard if your vents are closed…. Instead it just redistributes to areas of the living space with more force. This can lead to duct leaks which is a significant repair to your system. This leads to your system having to work extra hard to compensate for the leak, which increases energy costs as well.

Your home will cool faster if you drastically lower your thermostat

This is a common misconception with regards to your thermostat and AC system. If you dramatically lower your thermostat to cool your living space you are putting a ton of stress on your compressor. And in actuality, your home is not getting cooler faster, you’re just committing your system’s compressor to work longer and harder….. leading to costly repairs & possibly a full system shutdown.


It’s not surprising how many Florida households fall victim to AC myths due to the complexity of the system and just how many factors contribute to a comfortable living space. Understanding these four common myths can save you money in both the long term & short term, while making your home much more comfortable in the process

We know how important a fully-functioning A/C system is for the comfort of your family. Heat Beaters is a family owned and operated A/C service business located within beautiful Saint Augustine Florida. If these tips do not fix or relieve the issue, contact us for fast, reliable, and affordable service to get your system back up and running.