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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Our Annual Maintenance Program is essential to make sure your system is operating at the maximum efficiency. A proper maintenance plan will extend the life of your AC system, and also insure your system is clean and running as well as possible.

Our program includes 2 yearly visits in which we will examine the unit and make sure everything is still running correctly. We will notify you of possible future issues. Inspect both indoor and outdoor coils. Clean condensate line, drain, pan and check float switch. There will be no part of your AC unit that will go uninspected. If we find any potential issues you will be notified and provided with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

As a maintenance customer you will receive a 10% discount on all repairs along with a discounted diagnostic fee of $55.00.

St. Augustine Annual Maintenance Program:

Surrounding Area Annual Maintenance Program: Palm Coast, Palatka, Hastings

(If you are outside of these areas, contact us for a quote on a Maintenance Plan.)

**Prices above are for one unit. Each additional unit on a plan is $99.00. For details or to sign up contact us today at 904-217-6670.