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A/C Not Performing? Try these 4 troubleshooting tips yourself before calling a technician

If you’re experiencing issues with your residential A/C system, chances are you’re frustrated (and hot!). Residing in a hot & humid climate like the Florida peninsula requires a fully-functioning A/C system at all times for maximum comfort. So if you’re experiencing A/C system issues such as blowing air that is not cool, not blowing air at all, not cycling on or off, or loud buzzing noises there are a few simple troubleshooting tips you can perform yourself before calling a technician to your home. Today’s blog jumps into a few of those tips that may save you some time and money in just a few minutes time.

1. If the A/C system is blowing air, but it is not cool, it is possible that you have a refrigerant leak. While a skilled technician will have to charge the system, there are a couple of options you can perform yourself before placing a call. Inspect your air filter. If it’s dirty, replace it….. as dirt, lint, hair, and other debris blocks airflow & puts additional stress on your system.

2. If the A/C system is not blowing any air through your interior vents at all, it could be due to a frozen coil or a broken fan. But prior to jumping to that conclusion, turn your thermostat down a few degrees lower than the room temperature. Make sure the thermostat is set on cool. Lastly, check your circuit breaker and fuses associated with your HVAC unit.

3. If the A/C unit is running continuously, you may be in for a surprisingly high energy bill! The most likely reason your fan won’t turn off is because a relay is jammed which is keeping the system’s circuit closed. Also, it could be time to replace your thermostat. If you’re lucky though, it could just be an issue with your air filter. As mentioned above, check to see if the filter is dirty, replace it, and see if the system shuts off. You may be surprised that’s all it is!

4. If the A/C unit is making a loud buzzing noise, it could very well be an electrical issue, loose parts, bad capacitor, or a malfunctioning compressor.  First you want to identify if the noise only happens when the unit starts up, or if it is a consistent noise while the unit is continuously running. Best case scenario is that it is just vibration from the top shroud. Take a look to see if this component is rattling, and try tightening the bolts to see if that helps.

We know how important a fully-functioning A/C system is for the comfort of your family. Heat Beaters is a family owned and operated A/C service business located within beautiful Saint Augustine Florida. If these tips do not fix or relieve the issue, contact us for fast, reliable, and affordable service to get your system back up and running.